A Home on the Road

Airbnb - Regional Branded Content

The agency was responsible for Airbnb’s regional marketing duties across Hong Kong & Taiwan. What started from a simple social media retainer to test the effectiveness of locally driven work in a company accustomed to global adaptations for marketing culminated into something much more.

Trust in tech start-ups especially in the realm of travel accommodations with strangers has always been weak. Much of the fear lies in the misconception that tech startups do not have the scale or financial resources to hold accountable the safety and quality aspects of the peers providing their services on the platform.

With a high budget celebrity campaign launch that was highly un-expected at the time we quashed all notions that the brand was in any way small-scale in terms of financial or operational capability, which for many Asians is a direct correlation with their perception on the brand’s ability to guarantee quality and safety.

The piece garnered much praise in the markets it aired and was an instant viral hit reaching 80% of Hong Kong’s Facebook population, top viewed ad campaign on Youtube for Q1 2017, and helped Airbnb secure the top search result on the App Store for 65 consecutive days.


Hong Kong, Taiwan

Launched Date

December, 2015


Branded Content, Print, Social Content

Behind the Scenes
Awards & Notable Results
Markies 2016

Content Marketing Silver

Youtube 2016 Q1

Most Watched Youtube Commercial

Agency Team

Cherry Wong, Felix Kwan, Fenris Kau, Goretti Yau, Man Kit Lee, Miranda Li, Vanessa Choi

Video Production

Mutual Workshop Ltd.



Special Thanks

Stephanie Chan