Cake Little

Arome Bakery - Branding, OOH

What began as a Summer Cake Little campaign turned into a total new brand strategy and refresh. Cake Little has always been a product terminology used by Arome Bakery as an option available to consumers for most of their cakes to purchase a 'Little' sized version.

Rather then treating Cake Little as simply a smaller cake option we worked with the client to develop it into a Brand IP which could be owned by Arome Bakery. As the competition closes in with look-alikes, Arome Bakery was having a hard time differentiating itself with purely Ingredient-focused products.

The result was an astounding and rare double digit sales growth.


Hong Kong

Launched Date

June, 2019


Branding, OOH, Brand Design

Key Visuals
Branding & Collaterals
Social Media
Agency Team

Annie Long, Kate Li, Lily Lau, Man Kit Lee, Miranda Li


P.I.C.S. Co., Ltd.

P 土井 陽絵 (P.I.C.S.), PM 桐山 優衣 (P.I.C.S.), D 池田 一真 (P.I.C.S. Management)

Photography Team

Photographer ⽩幡 敦弘, AD 名嘉眞 秀 (有限会社SUI), Food ST 松本奈奈, Retouch Henry Chan, ST Remi Takenouchi (W), H Yuuk (W), M Ebara (W)


右 阿部 朱梨 (Gunn's), 左/中 茅島 みずき (アミューズ)

Talent Management

⼤槻 洋平 (アミューズ), 井植 礼乃 (アミューズ)