Christmas Nutcracker

Arome Bakery - Integrated

For Arome Bakery’s Christmas campaign the agency had the chance to not only be a part of the marketing but the design of the product itself. Working alongside pastry chefs at Arome Bakery we controlled the narrative from the very start.

Through multiple rounds of cake design an entire collection under the Nutcracker series was developed. A beautiful narrative was also developed around the characters of the cake collection coming to life. The visual art direction of the campaign’s key visual was developed around the feeling of a magical store front on a cold winter’s day.


Hong Kong

Launched Date

December, 2016


Branded Content, Branding, Print, Product Design, Social Content

Branded Content
Brand Collateral
Agency Team

Annie Long, Donald Tse, Felix Kwan, Fenris Kau, Miranda Li

Video Production

Flying Monkeys Production