Live Like A Man

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男士抉擇 “Man Law” stars local celebrity Chung King Fai as the narrator and Hong Kong’s authority on man-law. Through three hilarious short films launched through an integrated paid and earned media approach on Youtube and Facebook, Chung King Fai laid out three common occurrences in the difficult lives of gentleman across Hong Kong. What to do when faced with a situation where your girlfriend asks you to carry her bag, when she asks you to take pictures of your meal so you can share it to the world, or when the girl you like is your bestfriend’s ex-girlfriend. Join Chung King Fai as we analyzes the situations and lays down the man-law for all the men of Hong Kong to follow.


Hong Kong

Launched Date

March, 2013


Social Content

Launch Video
Agency Team

Fenris Kau, Man Kit Lee

Video Production

Ogle Production Ltd.