Meet Your First Red

Shiseido - Integrated Retail Event

They say a woman’s intuition is a powerful force for finding the truth. For Shiseido’s new line of rouge lipsticks, we decided to harness their intuition through art & technology to create an integrated retail experience that would help girls find their perfect shade of red lipstick.

Working alongside creative technologists Keith Lam ( Dimension Plus ) we created an emotion sensory chair paired with an audio-visual stimulus that would present all 18 shades of the new red lipsticks. As guests sat and watched the video of 18 colors we would record their emotional response through their heartbeat and other body signatures to find the color they intuitively responded to the most.

The results of their intuition and inner choice of red was then presented in the form of a beautiful heartbeat generative art that could be later printed out as a take-away in the event.


Hong Kong

Launched Date

July, 2016


Integrated Retail Event

Launch Video
Event Video
Generative Emotion Art
Guest’s heartbeat readings were processed through algorithms producing beautiful generative art showing the color of red they preferred the most. The pattern would then be printed out on site and pressed onto tote bags as take-away gifts.
Awards & Notable Results
Marketing Excellence 2016

Excellence in Innovation Gold

Marketing Excellence 2016

Luxury Marketing Gold

Marketing Excellence 2016

Launch Marketing Silver

Agency Team

Annie Long, Cherry Wong, Donald Tse, Elvis Lo, Howard Kwong, Man Kit Lee, Miranda Li, Vanessa Choi


Dimension Plus

Interior Design


Video Production

Flying Monkeys Production