Okinawa Summer

Arome Bakery - Integrated, Retail Event

For the launch of the Okinawa Summer cakes, we wanted to not just bake great tasting cakes but to also infuse the therapeutic qualities of cake indulgence into our marketing.

Self-therapy has become a lifestyle phenomenon in the past year with the re-introduction of Adult Coloring Books aimed at helping you take your mind off things. Creating our own Adult Coloring Book was the perfect product-extension to introduce the Brand’s foray into the therapeutic realm of cake consumption.

A famous illustrator named Poke-san from Okinawa was invited to craft the story behind our cakes in a beautiful multi-page adult coloring book.

Bespoke colors were used for our coloring pencils that were named after the colors found in our Okinawan ingredients.


Hong Kong

Launched Date

June, 2016


Product Design, Integrated Retail Event, Social Content

Branded Content
Popup Store
Agency Team

Annie Long, Cherry Wong, Donald Tse, Felix Kwan, Fenris Kau, Man Kit Lee, Miranda Li

Video Production

Stray Dogs Limited