sen-ryo no hajime

sen-ryo - Branding

For 2019 sen-ryo approached us to implement a complete brand over-haul for their premium sashimi and sushi restaurant chain. Working with their brand team we were tasked to bring to life the Hajime principal which stood for a return to the source or basics of sushi-craft but also the passion that brought the restaurant to success.

A TVC was launched starring a tabibito traveling across the seasons and prefectures of Japan searching for the best ingredients. This was coupled with an extensive OOH campaign which turned multiple subway stations across Hong Kong into a gallery space of culinary ingredients curated by sen-ryo.


Hong Kong

Launched Date

June, 2019


Branding, TVC, OOH, Brand Design

Key Visuals
Branding & Collaterals
Seasonal Videos
Agency Team

Felix Kwan, Fenris Kau, Miranda Li

Video Production

P.I.C.S. Co., Ltd.

P 土井 陽絵 (P.I.C.S.), PM 桐山 優衣 (P.I.C.S.), D 池田 一真 (P.I.C.S. Management)

Location Unit

DP 井本 直希 (黒田秀樹事務所), AD 後藤 開明 (NVC)

Sizzle Unit

DP 石川 寛/ (Hue), LD 山本 正元, AD 青山 俊樹


Sound 井筒 康仁, Stylist 市野沢 祐大 (World Styling), HM 高橋 将氣, Cast 加藤大輝 (GFA), VO 椙本 滋 (herringbone), Colour 田中 基 (Lespace vision), Online 勝又 梓 (IMAGICA), Mix 伊藤 太朗 (IMAGICA), Composer 樋口太陽 (OFFICE HIGUCHI), CW 安倍 史人 (JOJONY CREATIVE)