Sex Education

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The show was called Sex Education. At first glance some would wonder if it was a documentary, or perhaps an overtly R-Rated show. The truth is it's none of the above.

At its core Sex Education is a coming of age story with a "what-if-I-actually-knew-a-thing-or-two-about-sex-and-love-when-I-was-younger" twist. Imparting a sex-positive message that reminds us when it comes to matters of love, sex is an equally important part of the equation. Hence why many relationships fail due to our inexperience in navigating the awkwardness of sex or worst, completing separating sex from romance.

As one of the agencies assisting Netflix's aggressive push into the Chinese market we were tasked with ensuring the true nature of the show is communicated in the title promotions. Also to give a taste of the Chinese content that would be hitting Netflix soon.



Hong Kong, Taiwan

Launched Date

January, 2019


Branded Content

Branded Content
Agency Team

Godd Kott, Lily Lau, Man Kit Lee

Video Production

Gavin Yin, 小毛