Show Your Rimowa

Rimowa - Integrated

Show Your Rimowa is campaign that consists of branded content and online activation. The most prized possession of Rimowa is not in its design but in the people who use their luggage pieces. Through the years an almost cult following around the brand has been developed in which every person’s Rimowa is unique.

To celebrate the uniqueness of the individual the agency created a campaign which asked for users to literally ‘Show Your Rimowa’ to a panel of judges who would deem which was the most unique. To inspire their creativity we created a series of branded content showing how travel beliefs could also be reflected in your very own Rimowa design.


Hong Kong, Macau

Launched Date

November, 2015


Branded Content, Online Activation

Branded Content
Agency Team

Annie Long, Cherry Wong, Man Kit Lee, Miranda Li

Video Production

Ogle Production Ltd.