Take It Easy

Strongbow - Integrated

For the official launch of Heineken’s apple cider brand Strongbow, we created a series of branded content featuring popular local comedians and rap group FAMA. The concept behind Take it Easy was based on the simple insight that every alcohol drink has its own personality. Whiskey was the thinker, beer was for friends, Strongbow we felt was for the person who wanted a drink but still needed to go to work the next day.

With Fama starring as a pair of whitty Strongbow bartenders we explored how a simple drink could help ease the troubles away for those seeking an escape from first world problems.


Hong Kong, Macau

Launched Date

April, 2016


Branded Content, OOH, Social Content

Launch Video
Agency Team

Annie Long, Cherry Wong, Donald Tse, Felix Kwan, Fenris Kau, Man Kit Lee, Miranda Li

Video Production

Ogle Production Ltd.


Secret Nine

Special Thanks

Stephanie Chan