The End of the World

China Mobile Hong Kong - Branded Content, TVC

mySim is China Mobile’s first foray into a contract-less 4G LTE plan which allows customers to pay as you go.

For their launch TVC we wanted to explore who, or why would anyone want a contract-less phone plan. Considering the current state of the world we didn’t have to search very far.

With Donald Trump being elected as president, rent prices soaring in Hong Kong and other social anomalies it was clear to us that the world has been heading towards apocalypse for quite some time. In such extreme times, who would still want to be bound by contracts?


Hong Kong

Launched Date

June, 2017


TVC, Branded Content, Interactive, Social Content

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Best TVC of 2017

Agency Team

Annie Long, Cherry Wong, Donald Tse, Felix Kwan, Fenris Kau, Howard Kwong, Miranda Li

Video Production

Stray Dogs Limited