The Radiant Journey

Clé de Peau - Branded Content

Working with Clé de Peau the agency was tasked with finding an elegant way to describe the core scientific function of Clé de Peau’s beauty products. In every Clé de Peau beauty project lies a scientific belief that the key to beauty is to provide the skin ability to ‘forget’ the past. By erasing the ‘memory’ of damage to the skin a better environment for new skin cells is achieved.

Based around this principle we told a story about growth and the importance of not regretting your own mistakes in life as a parallel to this unique product characteristic.


Hong Kong

Launched Date

May, 2017


Branded Content

Key Frames
Agency Team

Annie Long, Cherry Wong, Man Kit Lee


HK Dance Company

Video Production

Flying Monkeys Production

Video Production

Vanessa Choi - Producer