The Shokunin Spirit

sen-ryo - Integrated

The agency led a re-branding effort with sen-ryo by positioning it alongside with the greatest titans of Japan’s Tsukiji market. The word Shokunin in Japan stands for an artisan or craftsman who relentlessly pursues his/her craft. This word became the soul of the campaign and also internally for sen-ryo as they strive to differentiate themselves from the competition through quality and the Shokunin Spirit.

The campaign consists of a TVC narrating the Shokunin spirit that drives sen-ryo towards perfection every step of the way in hopes of providing you the best experience.

At sen-ryo every piece of sushi is shaped by the Shokunin spirit from the moment they are caught by Nippon mariners, to the merchants of Tsukiji market before they arrive in the hands of our sushi-masters at sen-ryo. The binding purpose of this principle is simple, to provide the utmost dining experience for our guests.


Hong Kong

Launched Date

June, 2018


TVC, Branded Content, OOH, Branding, Social Content

TVC & Branded Content
Agency Team

Annie Long, Felix Kwan, Fenris Kau, Miranda Li

Video Production

Kasey Cheung - Producer